Completed Projects

Projects of $900,000 or More

Rx 2000 Canadian Forces Health Care Reform, Canadian Forces Health Service

Funder: Canadian Forces Health Service, Department of National Defence and IBM Consulting

Amount: $1,640,000

Time Period: 2002-2003

  • Hollander Analytical Services developed comprehensive evaluation frameworks for each of three projects — the Primary Care Renewal Initiative, the Case Management Program and the Third Party Contract. The evaluations involved: in-person and/or phone interviews with key stakeholders at the local, regional and national levels; surveys of clients and/or providers; and document reviews. In addition, the evaluations of the Primary Care Renewal Initiative and the Case Management Program involved the development of Results-Based Management and Accountability Frameworks (RMAFs) to identify key indicators which could be used to monitor the programs in the future.
  • The final reports of the Primary Care and Case Management evaluations included a number of recommendations regarding how these CFHS’ programs could be further enhanced in the future. Some 90% of the recommendations were accepted in whole, or with some modifications, in the CFHS Management Response document for the project.

National Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of Home Care

Funder: Health Transition Fund, Health Canada

Amount: $1,505,000

Time Period: 1997-2002

  •  This project consisted of a program of research of 15 substudies, and was conducted by Hollander Analytical Services Ltd. in partnership with the Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria. The research program was designed to determine whether or not home care is a cost-effective alternative to institutional care (viz. care in long term care facilities and acute care hospitals). It was also designed to provide an educational function – to inform decision makers and the public about home care – and to provide advice about issues related to implementing new and cost-effective home care initiatives.
  • For information on this initiative visit

Continuing Care Research Project

Funder: Veterans Affairs Canada

Amount: $990,000

Time Period: 2005-2008

  • A national study on the relative costs and outcomes of long term home care, home support, supportive housing, and residential long term care services offered to Veterans in four major Canadian cities.

Evaluation of the Full Services Family Practice Incentive Program and the Practice Support Program

Funder: BC Ministry of Health and the General Practice Services Committee 

Amount: $983,000

Time Period: 2007-2013

  • Hollander Analytical Services was awarded a multi-year contract to evaluation the two initiatives introduced by the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC): Full Service Family Practice Incentive Program (FSFPIP) and the Practice Support Program (PSP)

Projects of $500,000 to $899,999

CORE Programs Project

Funder:  BC Ministry of Health

Amount: $725,000

Time Period: 2005-2014

  • Development of a series of Core Programs Outline Papers, the purpose of which is to assist Regional Health Authorities to define the minimum set of functions they are required to provide in a given area.

Canadian Home Care Human Resources Sector Study

Funder: Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)

Amount: $625,000

Time Period: 

  •  A collaboration with Goss Gilroy Inc. and researchers from Queen’s University to conduct a study on health human resources in the Home Care Sector.

Projects of $250,000 to $499,999

Health Lines

Funder: Health Lines Multi Jurisdictional Collaboration

Amount: $496,275

Time Period:

  • A study that evaluates aspects of Health Line Initiatives across Canada. Conducted under the auspices of, and in collaboration with, Howard Research. 

Synthesis of Health Transition Fund Project Results

Funder: Health Transition Fund, Health Canada

Amount: $455,000

Time Period: 2000-2002

  • The project involved creating a synthesis of approximately 140 Health Transition Fund (HTF) project results, in a clear and usable form, that decision makers could utilize to assist with healthcare reforms.  Hollander Analytical Services prepared a number of HTF reports for placement on the HTF website.

Primary Care Toolkit Project

Funder: Health Canada ($447,840)

  • A study that identifies gaps that exist in primary health care through a literature review and interviews with key experts. Tools which address these gaps will be developed and will be available online through Health Canada’s website. Conducted under the auspices of, and in collaboration with, Howard Research.

An Assessment of Continuing Care Requirements in First Nations and Inuit Communities

Funder: First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada

Amount: $351,310

Time Period: 2005-2006

  • The purpose of the project was to gather information from various stakeholders (federal departments, First Nations and Inuit organizations at the national and regional levels, and First Nations and Inuit service users) regarding the need for, use of, gaps in, and policy changes required for, continuing care services in First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada.

Identifying and Describing Innovative and Promising Models of Service Delivery in the Canadian and International Cancer Control Domains

Funder: The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Human Resources Action Group

Amount:  $373,090

Time Period: 2009-2010

  • The project objective was to  collect, identify, describe and document innovative and promising service delivery models of cancer control and/or care in Canada as well as promising international service delivery models that can be applied (either in whole or in part) to the Canadian health care setting.

The Analysis of Interfaces Along the Continuum of Care

Funder:  Home Care and Pharmaceuticals Division, Health Policy and Communications Branch, Health Canada

Amount: $250,000

Time Period: 2000-2002

  • The project involved five national studies. Separate evaluations on care delivery systems using interviews and focus groups were conducted for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, individuals requiring mental health services, and children with special needs. The fifth study obtained the views of leading Canadian experts on key issues related to organizing health care service delivery systems. The final report for this project included a best practices model for how to structure service delivery systems for individuals with ongoing care needs. In addition, a comprehensive literature review was conducted on integrated systems of care delivery, with an emphasis on systems for persons with ongoing care requirements. This project provided insight regarding the continuing care needs of various target groups and the services which are available to them. It also resulted in the development of a best practices framework for organizing service delivery systems for people with ongoing care needs.

Projects of $100,000 to $249,999

Assessing New Models for the Delivery of Medical Services: Inventory and Synthesis and Validating the Range and Scope of New Models for the Delivery of Medical Services

Funder:  The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (on behalf of Task Force Two – A Human Resource Strategy for Physicians in Canada)

Amount: $221,590

Time Period:  2002-2004

  • This project involved two components. The Inventory and Synthesis was a $149,900 project that required the identification and documentation of a representative inventory of innovative, existing, new and emerging models of care delivery and/or funding/remuneration that have substantial physician involvement and/or impact. Models were documented through interviews and/or document reviews. The second part was the Validation of the Range and Scope of New Models for the Delivery of Medical Services which was a $71,690 project which involved validating the inventory of models created in the first project – by conducting interviews with senior representatives from the medical profession, academia and government –  and identifying and documenting new models to be included in the inventory.

Evaluation of the Alternate Level of Care Management Initiative (The Carelinks Program)

Funder: Simon Fraser Health Region, British Columbia

Amount: $196,000

Time Period: 

  • An evaluation with KPMG Consulting of the Simon Fraser Health Region Carelinks program which provides services to individuals to smooth the transition from care in hospital to care in the home or community.

The Identification and Analysis of Incentives and Disincentives and Cost-Effectiveness of Various Funding Approaches for Continuing Care

Funder: Federal-Provincial-Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Services (ACHS) Working Group on Continuing Care, Health Canada

Amount: $159,644

Time Period: 1999-2000

  • This project involved a review and analysis of different methods of funding health care services and inherent incentives and disincentives in each of these models, particularly in relation to Continuing Care services. A range of methods were used, including an international literature review; interviews with government and industry representatives; the completion of data tables related to the organization, utilization, and financing of provincial continuing care services; and case studies on the public/private mix, the hospital and home care interface, and decision making under constraint.

Evaluation of the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Pilot Projects 

Funder: Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch

Amount: $129,684

Time Period: 

  • A study that focuses on issues that could affect the future transferability of the NIHB Program from Health Canada’s control to First Nations and Inuit control. The study involves a review of historical documents (including those related to previous evaluations of the pilot projects), interviews with key stakeholders from First Nations and Inuit organizations at the national, regional and local levels and from Health Canada at the national and regional levels, and an in-depth study of the only pilot project still in operation.

A Critical Review of Models of Resource Allocation and Reimbursement in Health Care

Funder: Ontario Ministry of Health

Amount: $115,000

Time Period:

  • A project with the Canadian Policy Research Networks on resource allocation in the health care system.

Provincial Consumer and Family Indicators Project: Measuring Consumer and Family Satisfaction with Mental Health Services

Funder: Canadian Mental Health Association (BC Division) and the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

Amount: $107,428

Time Period: 

  • This study, sponsored by the BC Ministry of Health, involved the design and conduct of the first province-wide survey of consumer and family member perceptions of the mental health system in British Columbia. The study was conducted in all (18) health regions in the province, and included the development of two survey instruments, one for consumers and one for family members. Data analyses provided information regarding consumers’ and family members’ perceptions of the mental health delivery system and identified potential indicators of consumer and family satisfaction.

Projects of $25,000 to $99,999

Home Care Program Review

Funder: Saskatchewan Health, Community Care Branch

Amount: $99,200

Time Period:  

  • A review of Saskatchewan’s Home Care Program, including an environmental scan and assessment of current vision, goals and services, as well as analysis and recommendations in Saskatchewan.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Program Review

Funder: British Columbia Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Services Division 

Amount: $94,900

Time Period:

  • A review of PharmaCare’s Prosthetic and Orthotic (P & O) Program and benefits. The review will assist PSD in developing policy, program and funding decisions. The purpose of the project is to provide overall strategic advice to PSD, facilitate and manage all aspects of the review, develop and nurture linkages with all key components associated with the project, and provide implementation strategies for proposed changes.

Evaluation of the Maintenance and Preventive Function of Home Care

Funder: Home Care/Pharmaceuticals Division, Policy and Communication Branch, Health Canada

Amount: $71,800

Time Period:  

  • This evaluation compared cohorts of lower needs home care clients who had, and had not, been cut from home care. In the mid-1990s the British Columbia Ministry of Health decided to cut from service lower care needs clients who only received house cleaning services. There was, however, a range of compliance to this directive. Using extensive administrative data sets for continuing care, hospital services, medical services, and drugs, two cohorts of clients were studied. One cohort consisted of clients in two health regions who had been cut from service and the second cohort consisted of similar clients, in two similar regions in which cuts did not occur. Client costs were studied for a three year period.

 Western Canada End of Life Care Project

Funder: Canadian Institute for Health Information and Saskatchewan Health

Amount: $65,636

Time Period: 

  • This project aimed to develop new knowledge to support end-of-life program planning and to contribute to the improvement of end of life care using a trunk/branch approach based on data from four provinces.

Project Manager/Facilitator for BC PharmaCare’s Alzheimer’s Research Initiative

Funder: BC Pharmacare

Amount: $65,616

Time Period: 

  • Hollander Analytical Services provided project management and facilitation services to oversee the development and implementation of a British Columbia research initiative to generate information about the safety, effectiveness and appropriate use of cholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

An Assessment of Continuing Care Requirements in First Nations and Inuit Communities: Synthesis Report

Funder: Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Amount: $53,076

Time Period:  

  • Development of a synthesis report of research conducted on continuing care requirements in First Nations and Inuit Communities in three regions

Unpaid Caregivers in Canada:  Replacement Cost Estimates

Funder: Policy Research Directorate, Human Resources and Social Development   Canada

Amount: $52,735

Time Period:

  • Assessment of the costs of replacing the unpaid care provided by Canadians to the elderly, ill and disabled, and to obtain a comparison of how the replacement costs have changed in the last decade

Developing a Framework/Taxonomy Matrix to be Used for Describing Innovative and Promising Models of Service Delivery in Cancer Control

Funder:  Canadian Partnership Again Cancer – Human Resources Action Group

Amount: $50,260

Time Period: 

  • Develop a framework/taxonomy that will be used to describe various innovative, promising and/or inter-disciplinary service delivery models within the cancer control domain.

Inter-Jurisdictional Review of Best Practices Continuing Care Systems

Funder: Nova Scotia – Department of Health, Continuing Care Branch

Amount: $49,900

Time Period: 

  • An Inter-Jurisdictional Review of Best Practices Continuing Care Systems.

Building Awareness of Safe Use of Medicines Among Family Caregivers of Seniors and Chronically Ill Children (Conducted under the auspices of the Association Strategy Group)

Funder: Drug Strategy Community Initiatives Fund Proposal

Amount: $42,500

Time Period: 

  • Promote awareness among family caregivers of dependent seniors and chronically ill children about the safe use of medications and preventing problematic use of medications. Conducted under the auspices of Association Strategy Group.

Alzheimer’s Drug Therapy Workshop

Funder: BC Pharmacare

Amount: $42,500

Time Period:

  • The development of an overall approach and strategy for a conference or workshop on Alzheimer’s Disease which involves: identifying key stakeholders and experts; preparation of background materials; overall organization and facilitation of the workshop; and preparation of a final report on the results.

Alberta Health Continuing Care Outcomes Project: MDS Initiative

Funder: EDM Management Systems

Amount: $32,000

Time Period:

  • To advise EDM and Alberta Health on the Alberta Health Continuing Care Outcomes Project: MDS Initiative.

 A Program of Research for the Dementia Care Centres

Funder: The CAPITAL CARE Group in affiliation with the University of Alberta

Amount: $30,000

Time Period:

  • Development of a program of research for three dementia-specific facilities.

Review of Palliative Care Services

Funder: Palliative Care/End of Life Secretariat

Amount: $25,000

Time Period: 

  • A literature review and case studies of palliative care.

Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit of Home and Community Care Programs

Funder:Home and Continuing Care Unit, Health Services Division, Health Canada

Amount: $25,000

Time Period:  

  • To prepare a synthesis of case studies, found in Canada and internationally, that provide evidence on the cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit of home and community care programs and services within the broader continuum of the health care system.

Review of the HNData Project

Funder: BC Ministry of Health Services, Knowledge Management and Technology Division  

Amount: $ 25,000

Time Period: 

  • A review of the BC Ministry of Health Services data warehouse.


Projects of less than $ 25,000

Details are available on request.