Marcus J. Hollander, PhD, President

Marcus holds a BA and MA in Sociology, an MSc in Health Services Planning and Administration, and a PhD in Human and Social Development with concentration in Social and Health Policy, Administration, and Finance. Marcus has some 40 years of experience as a health services researcher and administrator. He has held the following senior research positions: Director of Research and Planning for the Alcohol and Drug Commission of BC, Visiting Research Fellow at Statistics Canada, and Director of the Health Network of the Canadian Policy Research Networks. As an administrator, he served in a number of positions in the BC Continuing Care Division, including the Director of Programs and Acting Executive Director. In these positions, he was responsible for the operational management of the BC continuing care system. He also served as a Special Consultant on Policy for the Policy and Planning Division of the BC Ministry of Health.

In the latter 2000s Marcus moved into the area of primary care and within two years had discovered, and published on, the finding of the inverse relationship between attachment to practice and costs, the basis for what is now a major BC initiative on the continuity of primary care. A major asset that Marcus brings to his projects is based on the experience he has both as an analyst and an administrator. Marcus and his team can conduct analytical work to an academic standard, and can advise administrators and policy makers on what program and policy implications the research findings have for them.

Marcus holds academic appointments in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University, and in Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. In 2012, he received the Canadian Association on Gerontology Distinguished Member Award (their highest honour). He also received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (for Gerontology). Marcus has been a reviewer for some 15 health services and policy research journals and is an Associate Editor of  the International Journal of Integrated Care. Oxford University Press recently published a book entitled Aging in Canada written by Marcus and Dr. Neena Chappell of the University of Victoria.